Commercial Roof Cleaning Is a Necessity [infographic]

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An important part of running your business is maintaining your building. Regular maintenance and cleaning ensure that everything is in proper working condition, and they improve your building’s appearance. As a result, you get to make a good impression, which increases your chance of retaining employees and customers.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Is a Necessity

There are many areas on the inside and outside of your building that need to be cleaned, but you should be sure that you don’t neglect your roof. Commercial roof cleaning is a necessity for many reasons, including the following:

  • Air Quality- If water accumulates on your roof, microorganisms may become a problem. Mold, mildew, and algae growth are common on roofs. Because many commercial buildings have HVAC units on their roofs, the system can take in these microorganisms and distribute them throughout the building. This results in poor indoor air quality, making your employees and customers sick. Luckily, commercial roof cleaning can resolve this problem by killing the microorganisms.
  • Energy Efficiency- If debris or stains from things like algae are a problem on your commercial roof, they will absorb heat rather than allowing the roof to reflect the sunlight. This causes your building to be warmer, which means your air conditioner must work harder. As a result, you use more energy and need to pay higher bills.
  • Longevity- Mold, algae, and other contaminants can damage and weaken your roof. However, regular commercial roof cleaning can remove them and increase your roof’s longevity. This also means you get to save quite a bit of money.

Commercial Roof Cleaning Is a Necessity