3 Common Myths About Solar Panel Cleaning

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When it comes to solar panel cleaning, you’ve likely heard a lot of rules. Clean them twice a year. Use only deionized water. Don’t walk on them. Never let your shadow cross them. Well, the last one is probably a myth, but there are others that aren’t quite as obvious. Let’s bust them, shall we?

3 Common Myths About Solar Panel Cleaning

Myth #1: Solar Panels Are Self-Cleaning.

It’s true that solar cells are designed to be hydrophobic. This causes water to bead up and roll off the surface, carrying away some dust and dirt in the process. However, this does not mean the panels clean themselves or stay perpetually spotless. The rainwater usually leaves behind mineral deposits that only solar panel cleaning can clear. Even bird droppings and pollen tend to stick to the panels, blocking sunlight rather than sluicing away. So, while the hydrophobic surface helps, it doesn’t completely prevent buildup.

Myth #2: Rain Cleans Solar Panels.

While rain does help to some extent, it’s simply not enough to tackle layers of particle buildup on your panels. Think of it as giving your panels a quick rinse versus the deep clean they need to work optimally. Also, rainwater is impure, meaning it contains particulate matter that tends to stick to your solar panels.

Myth #3: Dust Doesn’t Affect Solar Panel Efficiency.

Some people argue that dust doesn’t make much impact at all on solar efficiency. After all, doesn’t some sunlight penetrate right through those tiny particles? Unfortunately, even a fine layer of dust can create a shading effect over your solar cells. When even one cell is shaded, the overall efficiency of your panel will decrease. Therefore, keeping your panels dust-free with regular solar panel cleaning is critical for solar success!

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