3 Benefits of Softwashing for Deck Cleaning

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If you’ve been looking for a biodegradable option for deck cleaning, look no further. Softwashing is ideal for your wooden deck because it won’t damage the surface in the process of getting rid of dirt and debris. While power washing relies on pressure to remove debris, softwashing uses biodegradable chemicals that will accomplish the same thing without leaving your surface worse for wear.

3 Benefits of Softwashing for Deck Cleaning

Read on for the 3 things you should know if you are considering softwashing for your deck.

  1. Your paint will last longer. Since softwashing keeps your surfaces intact, you’ll save money on painting and remodeling services. This is another reason why it’s also good for wooden fences and other delicate surfaces in addition to deck cleaning.
  2. Your deck will look brand new again. Not only can dirt and debris be slippery, but it also will affect the overall appearance of your deck. To let that nice wood stain shine, choose softwashing ahead of the warm season, so you can enjoy your outdoor living space.
  3. Softwashing reaches places you typically can’t clean. With a reach of up to 50 feet, you can also softwash places much higher up than your deck with ease. This way, when you’re enjoying the view of your backyard from your deck, you won’t be greeted with visible mold from your siding.

If you’re new to the idea of softwashing for deck cleaning and have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. At Safely Softwash, we want to help your home shine the way it did the first day you moved in. Not only will your surfaces look and feel better, but you can also be confident that they are truly clean.