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Give your fence a thorough clean with our help.

Fence Cleaning in Orlando, FloridaThe fence that surrounds your property contributes to your overall curb appeal. If your fence has started to accumulate dirt and grime and looks dingy and old because of this buildup, it’s time to look into exterior cleaning options.

If you haven’t considered soft washing to clean your fence, it’s time to look into this option. Soft washing is an exterior cleaning method that combines biodegradable chemicals with low-pressure water to effectively clear away buildup at its source. The results of soft washing last and last, and it’s a highly effective method for fence cleaning.

If you’re looking for a fence cleaning professional serving the Orlando, Florida area who does soft washing, turn to us. At Safely Softwash, we provide soft washing services, and we’re known for our excellent workmanship and even better customer service.

Soft washing is the right choice for cleaning your fence not just because it gets amazing results, but because it won’t damage your fencing materials over time. When pressure washing, all the high pressure used can start to degrade your fence’s materials. But because soft washing is a gentle exterior cleaning method, it won’t cause any damage to your fence, even after multiple soft washing sessions.

If you want to give your home’s fence a thorough clean unlike any other you’ve ever seen, it’s time to give soft washing a try. To schedule fence cleaning or to learn more about the power of soft washing, reach out to us today.

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FAQs About Fence Cleaning

Our soft washing techniques are incredibly effective at removing dirt, mold, mildew, and algae from your fence. This not only ensures your fence looks its best but also prevents damage and helps extend its lifespan. Whether you have a wood, vinyl, or metal fence, our fence cleaning services will deliver exceptional results! Here are some common questions about fence cleaning and how we can help.

Why is soft washing beneficial as a solution for fence cleaning?

Soft washing uses low-pressure water with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove dirt, grime, and contaminants from your fence. This gentle technique reduces the risk of damage to fencing materials. Soft washing can be safely used on wood, vinyl, and other materials.

How often should I schedule a fence cleaning service?

It can depend on your surrounding property and the type of fence, but we generally recommend having your fence cleaned every two or three years. This helps maintain its appearance and prevent contaminants from accumulating.

Can soft washing remove tough mold and algae from my wood fence?

Yes! The cleaning solutions we use target bacteria and contaminants at their source, helping restore the wood’s appearance and protect it from damage.

Can I just use a hose and soap to clean my fence?

While using water and soap will help rinse off surface-level dirt and grime, we highly recommend trusting your fence cleaning to our professional care. Our soft washing solution provides a deep clean that removes harmful contaminants, and our results will also last much longer!

At Safely Softwash, we offer fence cleaning services in Winter Garden, Orlando, Winter Park, Horizon West, Windermere, Doctor Phillips, Apopka, Ocoee, Gotha, Oakland, Clermont, Minneola, and Montverde, Florida.


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